Ceramic artist, Hideki Yamamoto was born in Imari, Saga Prefecture in 1965. He trained under Shiro Banura who was know as the Rosanjin of Heisei era. As a live-in student he was greatly influenced by his master which can be seen in Yamamoto’s spirit and creation.
His studio is built at the foot of Black Hair Mountain in Saga Prefecture, where he gets his inspiration from nature – the beautiful line of mountains, shape of clouds, light and shadow. He tries to minimise decorations and pursues the expression of “beauty through subtraction” and “Imperfect beauty”. He is also very conscious of the weight of his vessels as well as the texture. His deep black glaze named “Yamamoto black”, is his signature style.
For this exhibition, we are introducing art pieces, incense burners, containers, flower vases, plates and cups. You can touch and feel the depth of nature through his creation.

Date: 27 Nov (Wed) – 21 Dec (Sat) *Sunday is closed
Time: 10am – 6pm
Venue: HULS Gallery Singapore