HULS Gallery Singapore collaborates with scent artists from TAKASAGO to present a special exhibition, Kogei and Scent – A Time for Reading.
The exhibition is centred around the theme – “A Time for Reading” and showcases a new KORAI product line-up, consisting of a brass bookend, paper weight, Kyoto ware cup/carafe, and “Ren” a wooden mobile. Through these crafts, KORAI hopes to create a tranquil time for reading in various types of space such as public spaces as well as homes. This exhibition was showcased for the first time in Milan Design Week 2019. This time, HULS Gallery Singapore has collaborated with scent artists from TAKASAGO to create scents which are inspired by the new KORAI line-up. The scents hope to create impressions beyond the visual faculties, inviting imaginations that explore the relationship of people and nature; of coolness and of heat.
Come experience the new collection in new sensory dimensions.

Venue: HULS Gallery Singapore
Date: 1 Nov (Fri) – 15 Nov (Fri) *Sunday is closed
Time: 10am – 6pm

KORAI Official Website