We are pleased to announce that HULS Gallery Singapore will hold Eijiro Tokunaga’s Solo Exhibition again in Singapore. His unique world of glazes remains his characteristic style. Yet, he also challenges himself in creating new shapes to expand new, original expressions and techniques. We will showcase outstanding tea bowls, sake ware, flower vase, bowls, and cups that bring colors to your lives for this exhibition. All pieces are unique and limited. Visit our gallery and experience the beautiful works of Eijiro Tokunaga.

25 Sep (Fri) – 15 Oct (Thu)

*We will operate this event following the regulations of phase 2 in Singapore.
*Our gallery is closed on Sundays.

Eijiro Tokunaga Profile:

Eijiro Tokunaga is a ceramic thrower from Tokko Kiln in Arita. Arita is one of the most famous places for porcelain. However, he chose a different, daring path in pottery by perfecting his skills in Kyoto for ten years. He excels at “carbonized firing”, which is a technique of creating unique textures on earthenware by using charcoal. He aspires to unite the skills he learned in Kyoto and his identity as an artisan from Arita, to bring a new style to Arita with his creations.