HULS Gallery is pleased to announce that we have launched the second instalment of its “HULS Inspirational Dining – Enpo Saryo” project, celebrating autumn courses.  Following on from the successful summer edition, we would like to introduce a series of extraordinary full-course autumn meals that can be prepared at home, created exclusively for HULS by popular chef Miyuki Shigemura. The bilingual English-Japanese recipes will be will be available soon on the HULS Gallery website and social media. We hope you will enjoy the pairing of seasonal dishes and tableware.

Autumn 2020 Chef’s Choice Course “Aki-urara Shurei”
A special course meal with an emphasis on Japanese ingredients, accompanied by beautiful artifacts rooted in the various regions of Japan. In this second, autumn edition of the course, we will use small plates made of Takaoka copperware to enhance the three-dimensional character of the bite-size dishes, Echizen lacquerware sake cups with a beautiful image of the moon floating in the sake, Kyo-yaki lidded pottery ware with a flower-like crystalline glaze, and Arita ware plates that reinterpret the traditional technique of “Shinogi,” or decorative carved ridgelines, using modern technology.

Enpo Saryo