KORAI proposes “senseware” as an art piece that triggers human sensitivity and opens the door to new senses by feeling nature in our daily living. The large-sized “Hydrangea – Water Vessel (L)” has been added to the “Hydrangea – Water Vessel” series that was released as part of KORAI’s first senseware collection in 2018. While retaining the cool and elegant appearance of its original design, we present to you vessels with a larger, dignified presence in three colors, the conventional clear, along with two new renditions in blue and grey. These water vessels capture the fluctuating, ever-changing, and rich expression of wind, water, and light.

“Hydrangea – Water Vessel (L)”
Size: Φ320mm, H120mm
Color: Clear/Blue/Grey
Brand: KORAI
Design by Shizuka Tatsuno
Made by Takeyoshi Mitsui
Price: SGD 1120