Omakase in 2020 Autumn
“秋麗 Akiurara”

A special course meal with an emphasis on Japanese ingredients, accompanied by beautiful artifacts rooted in the various regions of Japan. In this second, autumn edition of the course, we will use small plates made of Takaoka copperware to enhance the three-dimensional character of the bite-size dishes, Echizen lacquerware sake cups with a beautiful image of the moon floating in the sake, Kyo-yaki lidded pottery ware with a flower-like crystalline glaze, and Arita ware plates that reinterpret the traditional technique of “Shinogi,” or decorative carved ridgelines, using modern technology.


 Kikka-shu (Sake with floating Chrysanthemum petals)

The autumn course starts with Kikka-shu (Sake with floating Chrysanthemum petals). September 9th of the lunar calendar* is considered to be the day of the “Choyo no Sekku”, also known as the “Chrysanthemum Festival”, and the chrysanthemum flowers play a main role. In the Yin-Yang Wu-Xing school of thought, odd numbers are considered as “Yo”, and even numbers are “Yin” which are considered as unlucky numbers. 

Hors d’oeuvre

1/Tempura of fig with raw ham and sage 
2/Grilled saury with garland chrysanthemum genovese 
3/Japanese tiger prawn sushi in the shape of a chrysanthemum flower

Hashi-yasume (small dish served between courses) 

Crab and pear vinegar dish

Main Dish

Duck loin with Kujo green onion sauce

Rice Dish

Rice cooked with Maitake mushrooms and green olives

Dessert with green tea

“Chakin-shibori” of Anno potato, Roquefort and walnut


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