Omakase in 2020 Summer
“夏陰 Natsukage – Shades of Summer”

We have created a special course meal that emphasizes seasonal Japanese ingredients, and is accompanied by beautiful crafts rooted in Japan’s various regions. The recipes are bilingual in English and Japanese so you can easily incorporate them into your home, whether in Japan or overseas. In the first summer course, we will be introducing several beautiful crafts to complement the food: a Tokoname plate created with a technique unique to that region called Kaki-gara or “oyster shell,” a Yamanaka lacquerware bowl with beautiful grain and pleasant texture, a Takaoka copperware tray and elegant modern wine glasses, a simple yet functional Edo Kiriko glass, and more.

1st dish: Appetizer

Pureed Corn Soup

See the recipe
2nd dish: Appetizer

Cold Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

See the recipe
3rd dish: Appetizer

Seasonal fruits dressed with ground tofu and sesame

See the recipe
4th dish

Granité of red perilla

See the recipe
5th dish

Deep-fried young ayu with cucumber and melon sauce

See the recipe
6th dish

Kawachi-bankan pomelo jelly

See the recipe


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