Mini-Exhibition Showcasing the works of Seiji Ito & Ban Project
Date: 16th January (Sat) – 30th January (Sat) 2021

At HULS Gallery this January, we are joyful to share with you the charm of Tokoname-ware through the works of Seiji Ito, a well-known ceramic artist from Aichi Prefecture. With the city’s rich history in ceramics and teawares, the artist continues the regional tradition, pursuing the balance between beauty and practicality. Therefore, each piece feels humble and mindful, gentle in looks and touch.

With this collection of various Japanese teawares, explore the heart and soul of Tokoname-ware at our gallery. Selected work from Ban Project will also be showcased together in this exhibit.

About Ban Project
“BAN Project” is an initiative launched to rediscover the different possibilities of Tokoname ware. The project is led by Seiji Ito of Jinshu Touen and Atsuhisa Hisada of Kei Kiln.