We have launched a new project “Plate and Planet” as a new challenge to expand the Kogei business overseas by utilising the worldwide crowdfunding platform, Kick Starter.

This project focuses on the collaboration between manufacturers and chefs. The development cost will be managed by crowdfunding and supporters could enjoy the product that is made possible by them.

Currently, vast amount of investment costs are needed for international projects to create new products which involves communications and sample costs. This project utilises the crowdfunding platform and increase the possibility to achieve a new creation. For our first project-  “Plate and Planet”, the team of Arita-yaki manufacturers named “ARITA PLUS” and michellen star chef Mr. Seita challenged themselves to produce a bonboniere and plate. Chef Seita visited Arita in Saga prefecture, Japan and created the original products using a unique technique called “Awagesho” by a member of ARITA PLUS, Kichiemon.

We have also produced a short movie clip for this project. Please enjoy this new collaboration between the world of culinary and pottery.

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