Selection – Art Pieces for Interiors

Japanese crafts, which in their essence are tools used in daily life; with their unique appearance, they can beautify spaces just like works of art. HULS Gallery offers a wide range of artistic crafts such as one-of-a-kind ceramic works and glass art pieces that are ideal for private homes and public spaces.

Flower Arabesque Handmade Bowl

Shinji Terauchi | Arita, Saga Prefecture

Ornate sometsuke bowl featuring intricate handpainted motifs.

Silence Glass – Circle, Triangle, Square

Takeyoshi Mitsui | Toyama Prefecture

Colored glass art pieces depicting a modern sense of solitude.

Jewelry Box Togidashi “Hanabi”

TAYA SHIKKI | Wajima, Ishikawa Pref.

Spectacular fireworks captured on a lacquered jewelry box.

Shira-take Chrysanthemum Basin Hinata

Chiemi Ogura | Kyoto Prefecture

Elegant and intricately crafted with shiratake bamboo, inspired by Chrysanthemum flowers.

Amber on Gray

Takeyoshi Mitsui | Toyama Prefecture

A large, colored glass vessel that projects a sense of depth in dimension and tranquil gradations.

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Suminagashi(Japanese marbling) Bowl

Eiko Tanaka | Ishikawa Pref.

Organic and bold in shape, a unique lacquered bowl that features a marbling effect, complementing its natural wood-grain.

Bonbonniere – Multicolored gold painting

YUKIO YOSHITA | Ishikawa Pref.

A tiny treasure box featuring whimsical pastels embellished with gold.

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Shigaraki Vase

KATSUNORI SAWA | Shigaraki, Shiga Pref.
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Deep Black Glaze Chamferd Vessel


Geometrically beautiful ceramic art piece glazed resembling metal.

Perfume Bottle

HATAMAN TOUEN | Imari, Saga Pref.

Delicately handpainted Nabeshima styled porcelain piece.

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27cm Koimari Silver Plate Shochikubai

Fukujyu Gama | Arita, Saga Prefecture

Featuring a beautiful adaptation of the auspicious pine, plum, and bamboo patterns.

Flower Vase

Eijiro Tokunaga | Arita, Saga Prefecture

Ash glazed flower vase depicting abstract sceneries of natural elements.

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Art Cabinet

OYANAGI | Fukui Pref.

Showcasing the beauty of natural, bold wood grains in a modern, contemporary style.

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Hydrangea – Water Vessel L 

KORAI | Toyama Prefecture

An art piece to enjoy the theatrical reflections of water ripples against the light.

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KORAI | Kyoto

Senseware with reflections mimicking dancing shadows and light filtering through the trees.