Yuki Nishiyama’s works

Here is a sneak peek of Yuki Nishiyama’s works that will be released 11 September at 11am.

Based in Hokkaido, the glass artist Yuki Nishiyama has deep affection towards nature. She often draws inspiration from floating clouds, sunshine, night stars, snowy landscapes, flowers, plants, and insects. Her careful observations towards subtle nuances of the natural environment are demonstrated through the intricate brushwork that cannot be expressed simply.

In the theme of “Seasons”, Nishiyama created these magical works specially for HULS. One may feel a sense of vitality through the meticulous and delicate expression on the transparent vessels. Crafted entirely from scratch with bare hands, from glassblowing to painting, we hope that these awe-inspiring creations will evoke your memories of the beautiful seasons in Japan.

See you soon at the gallery.