Tea Leaves

Inokura Tea Leaves

A tea farm that has continued for eleven generations in Tsukigase, Nara. They are particular about soil cultivation using organic fertilizers and pursue tea with a clear liquor color and rounded flavor. The taste is highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas. In 2010, they won the first prize in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award at the National Tea Fair.

Best Selling

Kabuse Green Tea
Weight: 40g – Small
Price: $33.00
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Brew carefully and enjoy the special moment. It has a sweet aroma of the young tea leaves and a refined rich umami flavor. In order to obtain the finest flavor, only the soft tips are picked using the “two leaves and a bud” harvesting method. You may savor the softened tea leaves after brewing up to three times if desired.

Roasted Tea – Hojicha
Price: $18.00
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A relaxing and calming tea made using roasted Karigane tea with a savory aroma and sweet taste. Since it contains less caffeine, you can have a pleasant sleep even if you have it before going to bed.

Black Tea
Price: $24.00
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A Japanese black tea that you can enjoy without milk or sugar. It is less astringent, with a floral aroma and sweet taste that goes well with both western and Japanese sweets.

Tea Plantation

Tsukigase is a land surrounded by mountains at an altitude of 300 meters. Its natural environment is suitable for tea cultivation, where the morning mist from the nearby river provides moisture to the tea farm. Tea Farm Inokura is committed to cultivating tea on this land, emphasizing environmental friendly soil management using organic fertilizers.

Single Origin

The products of Tea Farm Inokura are single origin. Instead of blending multiple tea leaves, they carefully steam and process single variety tea leaves grown in a single tea field using spring water. You can fully enjoy the cultivation environment, variety, and the characteristics of the tea master.

Tea Shading

“Kabuse sencha (shaded tea)” is a method of growing new buds by covering the tea fields with black cloth for approximately two weeks. By shielding the tea plants from direct sunlight, the tea leaves become softer, resulting in a high-quality tea with less astringency, enhanced sweetness and umami flavor, and a vibrant green color.


Kabuse Green Tea
Price: $40.00
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This tea is cultivated in the same way and on the same land as “TAMAYURA”, except the picking is done a few days later. “KIU” has a sweet and rich umami taste, with the fresh aroma of young shoots as well as the “covered aroma” that can only be found in Kabuse tea grown in the shade. It has a beautiful liquor color that makes it suitable for any occasion.

Kabuse Green Tea
Price: $24.00
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With “AIOI”, you can enjoy the aroma created by the mist of Yamato Tsukigase, the natural astringency of tea, and the rich sweetness and umami flavor. The basic tea you can have every day.

Karigane Tea
Price: $21.00
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This tea has a refreshing taste that reminds us of the sprouting trees in the mountains. Using the finest leaves and stems of “TAMAYURA”, it has a refined umami flavor.

Roasted Tea – Hojicha
Price: $15.00
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This tea is rich in taste and it is ideal to brew with milk. It contains relatively low caffeine which is safe for children to drink (in moderation) and can be taken before bedtime.

Oolong Tea
Price: $24.00
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This oolong tea is among the varieties of Japanese tea that has a strong sweetness. It is produced in a special fixation pot made in China to secure the aroma of the tea leaves.

Price: $69.00
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Shinpeki refers to a deep green hue, reminiscent of the vibrant green gemstone called the Jasper. When basking in the light, the Tencha undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, exuding a captivating and luminous green shade.