HULS Gallery Singapore will be launching a Pop-Up selection in addition to our permanent space at Takashimaya B1. The event will be held for two weeks, from 21 October – 2 November 2021*. A wide selection of glassware crafted by the nearly 90-year-old handmade glassware brand, SGHR Sugahara will be available during this special period.

The artisans at Sugahara utilize traditional techniques to express the natural beauty of glass in ways that we have ever seen. Their works are impeccable attention to detail, with vibrant colors and thoughtful designs that draw out the infinite potential of glass to the fullest.

We believe that these stunning collections from Chiba Prefecture will change and expand your perspective about glassware. We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information, please contact: info@huls.com.sg

*Please note that the event is subject to change depending on the situation of COVID-19.