Saiun Sake Cup Set exclusively for Takashimaya

Made exclusively for Takashimaya Singapore, this sake cup set is a collaboration between HULS Gallery and Maruyoshi Kosaka – a lacquerware studio based in Kiso, Nagano Prefecture. Each cup is painted with colorful bands of urushi lacquer lines around the outer body and a circular patch of gold at the base. The gently splayed mouth rim of these handblown sake cups gives the drink a smoother texture. This is a masterpiece in which classic Japanese colours and handiwork are perfectly harmonious.

“Saiun Sake Cup Set”
Made in Kiso, Nagano Prefecture
Size: φ60.5mm × h51.5mm
*Size and the shape of each glass would be slightly different as it is handmade.
Capacity:30cc (full capacity 50cc)
Material: Lacquer / Soda-Glass
Price: SGD578.00