Kimoto Glass Promotion Event

In late July, HULS Gallery is delighted to host Seiichi Kimoto, the President and CEO of Kimoto Glass, along with his successor Rie Kimoto. They will be joining us at Millenia Walk on 29th July (Sat) to share their insights into the present world of glassware. With over 80 years of experience, Kimoto Glass has consistently served as a bridge between skilled craftsmen, innovative designers, and customers, functioning as both a glassmaker and wholesaler. Their mission to create and transmit techniques for continuous improvement has resulted in the creation of various innovative glassware that complements modern lifestyles.

Among the highlights is the captivating black Kuroco series, which displays the modern take on the traditional Japanese art of cut glass Edo Kiriko. Originating in Tokyo during the late Edo period, this series showcases the skill of craftsmen who layer black glass over transparent glass, meticulously hand-cut and sand it to create refined designs. Furthermore, the event will feature Kimoto’s latest original products, including sake ware. Kimoto Glass understands the importance of savoring sake by varying the shapes and sizes of the glasses according to their tastes and drinking styles. Come discover the wonder of Kimoto Glass products at this event.

HULS Gallery – Millenia Walk
Event Date: 29 July 2023 (Saturday)
Opening Hours: 11am to 8pm