Exclusive Mokko Plate Series by Hataman Toen

This exclusive collection is the result of a collaboration between Tokyo’s renowned Florilege restaurant, HULS, and Hataman Toen. Chef Kawate, in preparation for his restaurant’s reopening last autumn, worked closely with the artisans to develop plates that elevate the dining experience. The initial glossy white plates are currently in use at Florilege, but several new variations have been created upon our request, showcasing the exquisite painting skills of Imari craftsmen from Hataman Toen.
The Mokko Plate Series features plates in both round and oval shapes with a unique flower-shaped edge. This design allows different plate sizes to be stacked, creating a visually appealing layered effect. Chef Kawate specifically requested this feature, and Hataman Toen executed it beautifully. The round plates come in two sizes, 14cm and 18cm, while the oval plate measures 28cm, serves perfectly as a tea serving tray.
The series is currently on display at the Millenia Walk store. However, the oval plate with a gold rim can only be found at Takashimaya B1.