Located in Aichi Prefecture, the historic city of Tokoname boasts a renowned pottery tradition dating back to medieval Japan as one of the six ancient kilns. Jinshu Touen, established shortly after World War II, specializes in the creation of exquisite teapots. Founded by Mr. Minoru Ito, a skilled artisan who navigated the post-war scarcity by crafting various types of pottery, the company transitioned to specialize in teapot production under the leadership of Mr. Seiji Ito, the second-generation successor. Jinshu Touen’s teapots are renowned for its exceptionally smooth clay. Using three primary clay types – white, black, and red – the pottery studio employs a range of techniques to achieve unique finishes, including “mogake,” which involves tying seaweed around the vessel’s surface before firing, and “chara,” known for its matte texture. With a dedication to innovation while honoring tradition, Jinshu Touen continues to explore indigenous materials and techniques, ensuring that each teapot is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Among their signature products is the “flat teapot”, characterized by its extremely flat feature. Crafted to enhance the flavor profile of Japanese green tea, this teapot has garnered acclaim, earning the prestigious Choza Award at the renowned Tokoname Ceramic Exhibition in 2012. The craftsmanship involved in fitting the strainer seamlessly inside the pot and crafting a lid that remains watertight even when the pot is tipped is truly exceptional.