Region: Iga, Mie Prefecture

Mr. Kazuhiro Fukishima, born in 1981, is a ceramic artist based in Iga, Mie Prefecture. He studied Ceramics at the Kyoto prefectural pottery school and subsequently trained under renown potter Mr. Ryoji Koie in Gifu Prefecture. He also spent some time at Barkley, California to train in Anagama wood firing. Although his father and brother work in the Mukai-gama kiln, he built his own kiln in Iga and became an independent ceramic artist in 2010. Mr. Fukishima aspires to express the vitality of plants through his ceramic works. His ceramic styles include Iga, Shino and Oribe. For his Iga-Shino works, he would work through 5 wood-firing procedures and finish the final stage in an electric kiln, so as to produce a charming Yohen effects.