Region: Yamagata Prefecture

Since the Edo period dating almost 200 years ago, Seikodo is now at its 10th generation, specialising in making Iron Tea Pots and Iron Kettles. All works are handmade and are only made by a few workers. In the beginning, Seikodo started as a small casting workshop founded by its first maker, 喜六 Kiroku, in Domachi, Yamagata-city, where the casting industry flourished. Later on, the technique was passed down from generation to generation, with each descendant being good at different things. Fast forward to today, 琢実 Takumi, the 10th generation, now follows the footsteps of all his ancestors, devoting all their energy into making Seikodo a specialised atelier of Iron Tea Pots & Iron Kettles.

When using Seikodo’s iron kettles, iron minerals often get infused into the water which can in turn help improve the health of people that have iron deficiency. You’ll be able to enjoy the traditional beauty of Japan, and experience the Yamagata casting world when using the kettle.