Sugahara Glassworks, established in 1932 by Kazuma Sugahara, originally operated as a made-to-order glass products company in Tokyo. Later, they relocated to Kujukuri, Chiba Prefecture, where they transitioned to developing and selling their own goods, inspired by the serene surroundings of the sandy beach. Their breakthrough came with the introduction of “Coffee Jelly,” which gained popularity in coffee shops nationwide. This success fostered the ethos of “craftsmanship to embrace daily life” at Sugahara Glassworks. Under the leadership of Yusuke Sugahara, the third-generation heir, the company operates with the philosophy of achieving the simple happiness of everyone involved, from creators to users. Their artisans are encouraged to explore diverse glass shaping techniques, from mold-blowing to free-blowing, fostering a culture of creative freedom and innovation. This approach has led to the creation of Sugahara’s flagship “duo” series, known for its double-layered glass and global acclaim. Looking ahead, Sugahara Glassworks plans to expand its focus on “Sghr Materials,” a brand aimed at architectural and interior design applications, launched in 2019. With their unique craftsmanship and commitment to blending tradition with modernity, Sugahara Glassworks continues to enrich the lives of people worldwide.