Region: Iga, Mie Prefecture

Born in Iga City in 1978, Tanimoto was the eldest son of the renowned Iga potter Kei Tanimoto. In 2001, he graduated from Doshisha University and continued his education in a degree in ceramics in Kyoto. Following a year of apprenticeship under Tadashi Mori, he dedicated a year to studying and crafting in Italy before returning to Japan in 2005 to establish his own practice. Quickly gaining recognition, he became the focal point of solo exhibitions across Japan, earning numerous accolades along the journey. His creations encapsulate the essence of classic Iga-yaki ceramics, blending traditional sentiments with a contemporary flair. Through organic textures and firing techniques, his pieces embody the distinct regional character of this historic ceramic art form. He showcases works that honor Iga traditions, including exquisite pieces, alongside bold and experimental sculptural pieces that make a striking statement.