Region: Nara Prefecture

Born in 1964, Tango Tanimura is a master of chasen (tea whisk) belongs to the Tanimura family who is renowned for crafting tea whisks for nearly 500 years in Takayama, Nara Prefecture. Among the few remaining families dedicated to this craft, the Tanimuras are one of the three recipients of surnames granted by the Tokugawa government during the Edo Period.

Chasen, despite its consumable nature, holds an irreplaceable role in the Japanese tea ceremony, with the quality of the whisk influencing the tea’s flavor significantly. Tanimura’s tea whisks are known for their flexibility, suppleness, and ease of use for making smooth and fine tea. They are recommended for those who seek to enjoy tea casually.

Tango Tanimura holds the esteemed position of crafting first-grade products, appointed by the heads of the Ura-senke and Mushakoji-senke schools. While pursuing greater beauty and usability, his knowledge of tea whisks tailored to modern needs has garnered attention from the media and overseas in recent years.