Region: Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Tori Yoshino, originally from Fukuoka, has a profound connection to the world of pottery that traces back to his upbringing. His passion for ceramics was sparked by his mother’s passion for tea ceremonies. After completing formal training in Arita, he honed his craft for a decade under the guidance of the 12th-generation Koraizaemon Saka.

Following his intensive training, Yoshino established his own studio in Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. His distinctive artistic identity is marked by a deep affinity for the gentle aesthetics of Hagi ware and appreciation for the “biwa color,” resembling the hues of loquats.

While his primary medium is Daido-tsuchi clay, he often incorporates clay from the nearby Akiyoshi-dai plateau, infusing his works with depth and diversity. Beyond Hagi ware, he ventures into the world of Joseon-style pottery, embracing techniques like “kakiotoshi” (scraping off) and iron painting.

Tori Yoshino’s humble and earnest approach deeply resonates with those who encounter his work. His journey reflects a ceramic artist quietly and resolutely following the path he believes in, creating remarkable art that leaves a lasting impact.